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A Designer Maker Mentality

I love getting away from my desk and trying stuff out myself.  I find rapid prototyping really insightful on a project especially when the brief is more open.  Ad- hoc or quick and dirty prototyping is fun, interactive and really interesting.  

From foam models to dissecting samples, my methods for testing can vary and sometimes be a bit weird, but I think that is sometimes the best way to figure things out. 

Shown here are a couple of ways I have done this in the past.  The top image is a midsole shape form study,  The middle was an experiment into footbed pressure feedback using an Arduino to show a light array in the upper for feedback. A video of the working model is available here


And the third image shows me running in a pair of Adidas ZX Flux which I had cut in half to demonstrate how removing the heel from a pair of runners would force running technique change.